Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beginner’s Guide to Life After the Engagement Is Called OFF.

Your ex-finance I’m sure, is not sitting around sobbing uncontrollably or starving themselves, so why should you?

5 Tips for Dating Someone Who Makes Less Money Than You.

Humble yourself because you never know, one day your partner can make more money than you someday and will remember how you treated them. Don’t put off discussing money issues and concerns with your partner, it won’t get better, it will definitely get worse.

Black Love; Life After Divorce.

After a divorce, you can create the friendships you want, the financial freedom you want, venture out on a new career or launch a business, etc.  You can truly live your best life, after a divorce.

Pregnancy can be Hard on the Emotions.

She very well may not realize she’s throwing shade and hurting your feelings. This is a joyous time, and there is no need to allow it to become an emotional nightmare. Pregnancy can invoke many different kinds of emotions, but you don’t have to feel alone as if you don’t matter.

Children Can only do so Much.

They deserve a better version of us, and we would never want them to succumb to the same situation. Love your children to the fullest, yet never forget to love yourself. There are just somethings our children can’t fix.

When the Loyalist Walks Away.

Take the time to truly appreciate the women that walk with you in the spirit of loyalty. Never take them for granted. You need them…we all do.

Do Something Different.

Sisters, if we demand this from children, we must show them the way by living this very same principle.  Start with self, and the different will come.

Choose Happiness This Year.

You will decide on many things in 2019…allow happiness to be your choice. Take this area of control back from the world because it belongs to you, and you alone.

We Must Confront Women.

Women will not have the movement they seek until the double standards are removed. Ironically, this is the case for any movement. To truly enact change you must first start with your own.

Collaboration Over Competition.

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Collaboration over competition starts with shifting your mindset to view another woman as your sister and not your predator.  As women united we can stand proud, once we’re divided we shall and will fall.

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