Friday, March 23, 2018

Love Requires Accountability.

It’s understandable that accountability won’t save every relationship as they can go up in spoke for no other reason then you are not compatible.

Be Happy for Her.

Don’t lose your relationship to people that genuinely love you, and your blessing, because you didn’t have the heart to be happy for her.

Cut Off Sister Toxic.

You deserve to be loved, and cared for as much as you love and care. Free yourself from the selfishness while you can.

Siblings Shouldn’t Misuse Each Other.

Siblings should never be allowed to misuse each other, but to always cherish and support one another with reciprocity.

Sometimes He Lets You Win.

Working together must remain the focus verses needing to be right…as every discussion isn’t a debate to win.

First Dates: How to Avoid the Socially Awkward Moments.

You cannot go on a date already thinking the worst of the other person. Don’t sabotage your date by making up stories in your mind like, etc…

Little Details Make A Wedding Memorable.

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Tweet ( Of all the life events you can hope to go through, the days you spend planning your wedding are by far the most overwhelming of the lot. There is just so much to think about, so much to do and so much Pinterest to scroll through, all of which can leave you feeling more […]

Petty Can Damage a Relationship.

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Just as we don’t want to deal with a petty man…he doesn’t want to deal with a petty you. Let’s grow up, and stay grown, by leaving the petty,etc.

Recapturing The Romance In Your Marriage.

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Tweet ( Time is one of life’s biggest curses and yet a blessing. In a marriage, time can go too quickly, pulling the rug from underneath you and sweeping you up in the busyness of life. Kids, careers, family life, vacations – the years in marriage blur together and the constant distractions dilute the romance between […]

Remember Your Sisters this Season.

Without these women there is no telling what state I’d be in. You can make a difference to the women in your circle that are hurting this season.

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