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5 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist.

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Tweet ( The Mayo Clinic defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration”. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe and feel that they are superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. Interestingly, behind their mask […]

Tips that Happy Couples Follow.

Tweet ( We all know them. Happy couples who seem to have it all together. While many times, things aren’t always what they seem, in the case of many couples, things are exactly what they seem. Since we live in a world where so many folks have learned to fake the funk when it comes to […]

4 Health Problems African-American Women Face.

Tweet ( Being a African-American women in today’s society definitely comes with its share of struggles but let me begin by saying I would not change the essence of who we are as magical black women for anything. Still, it is unfortunate that black women are plagued disproportionately with higher incidences or mortality rates for various […]

Love Yourself First.

Tweet ( At some point, we have been broken, and our hearts were damaged beyond repair… or so we thought. How could the one person you loved deeply break you so bad? How could you possibly move on when your world revolved about that person? Your feelings were hurt, and you could feel your heart breaking […]

To Know My Sister is to Respect Her Strength.

Tweet ( It is very unfortunate that many of us have elders, sisters, and friends that we truly do not know. What we know of these women is surface knowledge at best. Time nor blood relation can teach us the women we walk among. When interacting with women it can be difficult as all want to […]

Relationship Talk: Surviving The Ups & Downs Of Moving In Together.

Tweet ( There comes a point in a relationship where you’re both ready for the next step. You have been seeing one another for awhile. Everything is going well. The feelings of love have intensified. You realize you’re spending more time at one another’s homes. It’s pretty clear that you’re both ready for the next phase […]

Marry for the Right Reason.

Tweet ( Age nor pressure is a good reason to get married…not even for those that deeply desire marriage. It seems that once we hit 30 a combination of our “biological clock” ticking, and the stigma that something must be wrong with us tend to make some feel that we must find Mr. Right like yesterday. […]

Five Tips on how to Move Past Divorce.

Tweet ( Moving on is hard to do no matter who you are. Whether it be from a job, a place or a relationship; it’s never really easy. One of the most difficult experiences in life is getting over a divorce. It is not fun having to realize that your hopes and dreams are no longer connected to […]

Dating Again After a Failed Relationship.

Tweet ( If you have been out of the dating game for a while, you should know that things have changed. I know for me, it has been almost 6 years since I “played the field” and with all kinds of technological advancements, I know that if I were to enter back into the dating world, […]

Don’t Lose The Spark: How To Keep Your Relationship From Going Stale.

Tweet ( Thanks to the number of Hollywood romances out there in the world, a lot of people have some slightly skewed idea of what relationships should be like. After all, most romantic movies, TV shows, and books tend to end right at the moment when a relationship begins, which means that most people end up […]

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