Saturday, June 24, 2017

He’s Not Leaving Her.

Tweet ( Cheating on one’s spouse is never acceptable. There is no justification for the disloyalty. Granted two wrongs don’t make a right, and in marriage spouses can provoke another to isolation. When one feels alone in a marriage they are vulnerable, but one must remember that great marriages are not built overnight, and they will […]

Real Side Chicks a Disgrace.

Tweet ( Many of us pass off Reality TV shows as merely entertainment. When the conversation is brought up that this portrays us, as black women, in a negative light we are instantly told its just TV. The problem is television can be considered an art form as sure as someone wrote a script, and there […]

Dear Dad on Father’s Day.

Tweet ( Dads are special, and to be cherished. In their unique strength, they play a very large role in molding us to be who we are. When dad is there for his daughter he is the first man she will ever love, and her first protector. When toys, gadgets and life appeared to be broken […]

Too Grown, Too Young.

Tweet ( It is a beautiful thing when mothers dote on their daughters, and spend time helping them develop their femininity. Learning how to enjoy a nice pedicure and manicure as a young age helps to set the standard for self-care for young girls. The concerning trend is that mothers are trying to make besties of […]

Temporary Engagement Rings: What Are They?

Tweet ( If you’ve been looking for an engagement ring recently then you may have heard about temporary engagement rings. For some, the idea does seem a bit strange. Proposing to your partner – in the hope that they’ll become your fiancé and then your spouse – is generally considered to be a big event. So […]

Let’s Not Play the Villain.

Tweet ( Sisters it is a fact that brothers have a hand in the state of our community. We know that some of them need to step up, and be fathers to their children. Yes, we have brothers that need to deal with their internal battles so that they are not taking it out on us […]

Red Flag in the Church.

Tweet ( On Sunday mornings, the churches are filled with black women. We are considered the backbone of the church. We put energy into church attendance as apart of spiritual priority, and even out of tradition, and we bring our children. We must be mindful that our church is meeting our spiritual needs and that of […]

Don’t Be Broken By Your Break-Up.

Tweet ( Break-ups are one of the worst parts of anybody’s life. No matter how long the relationship lasted, it will always be difficult to deal with when it comes to an end. It won’t always end nicely and it can get complicated, especially if there are kids involved. There is always the danger that you […]

5 Keys to Creating Harmony in Romantic Partnerships.

Tweet ( Relationships make up a large portion of our significant life experiences. Our romantic relationships help to nurture our body, help us heal on a soul level, and teaches us many important lessons. When we are in a relationship, we are able to see and understand ourselves through the eyes of another person while experiencing […]

Making A Long Distance Relationship Work Is Easier Than You Think.

Tweet ( Love is such a wonderful thing that works in mysterious ways. The one thing we know about love is that we don’t pick and choose who to fall in love with. It just happens, we feel it inside us, and we know that we love this person. Sometimes, we fall in love with someone […]

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