Monday, February 20, 2017

5 Ways to Nurture a Black Man.

Tweet ( Whether it’s in a friendship, dating or marriage, men and women bring a lot of things to the table that help build a beautiful relationship. In many ways, men and women are opposites but purposely by design. How would a relationship function if both people had the same strengths? Weakness? We all bring our […]

Protecting Health Protects Family.

Tweet ( This year began with many of us resolving to live healthier lives. Some of us are now going to the gym, spas, and yoga studios. As women adding healthy activities to our life brings about positive change. Health, and wellness, in every aspect of our life must be a priority. Let me just say […]

5 Ways to Ignite Your Sexual Energy.

Tweet ( In our high sex driven society, it may be hard to accept that sexual dysfunction is a common issue. Low sex drive, impotence, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness and disinterest are all signs that a hormonal imbalance exists within the body. For optimal healing, it is suggested that one treats the root causes (i.e. hormonal […]

Level Up: Taking The Next Step In Your Relationship.

Tweet ( When you meet someone entirely new, it feels like the world goes into HD mode. Your mood is uplifted, so colours look brighter, food tastes better and you walk around with a spring in your step. First kisses, first dates, first weekends away: it’s exciting! There’s no other word that fits. It’s part […]

Trophy Wife Vs. Life Partner.

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Tweet ( While we all want to be considered as “wifey”, some do not make the cuts for the team. When I think of the term life partner, I automatically think of an attractive woman who knows how to handle themselves, be all about their husband, conduct business, and knows how to get things done. While […]

The After Of Happily Ever After.

Tweet ( So, you found the man, and lived happily ever after. Or not. Sometimes, happily ever after doesn’t last as long as we imagine. In all the movies, the action stops there. We don’t see the aftermath. That’s why it can be hard to accept when things don’t stay good forever. If any sistas out […]

7 Ways to Speak Life & Empowerment into your Partner.

Tweet ( So much attention is focused on attracting the “perfect” partner and getting married. Relationships these days are more about societal norms and status than family and community building. Many of us entered a relationship to escape having to work on and love thyself. We have bought into the notion that once we are in […]

Children And Divorce: Essential Tips For Moms To Ensure The Effect On Their Kids Is Minimum.

Tweet ( Of course, when a couple decides to call it a day, it will have a significant impact on the children involved. After all, their family life is never going to be the same again. But there are some ways to avoid too much impact on the kids. After all, you don’t want them to […]

Black Women and Self Worth.

Tweet ( From bad bitches to baby mamas, black women seem to embrace and honor disrespect from men and society at large, so much so that since will even give an explanation to why is okay to call themselves such names. One lady I spoke with told me that bad bitch was a compliment to her. […]

Love with All of Your Heart.

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Tweet ( Sisters life can be scary, and uncertain. We see the worst of it every time we turn on the news or log on to social media. Many of us have loved to some degree, and lost. Some of us have seen sisters so badly hurt by love that we write it off. Due to […]

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