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If All Men Cheat All Women Cheat.

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If you agree…understand this same position equally applies. We can’t speak of equality in any aspect they pick and choose where it applies. Double standards are a hinderance to progress regardless of where they apply. The bottom line is all men do not cheat, and all women do not cheat. There are people in the world that cheat and it’s a trash move. No one man nor woman deserves to have their trust violated. No one deserved to give their all only to be made to feel less than, and to be taken advantage of. You don’t deserve what that man did to you. There is a man out there that doesn’t deserve what that woman did to him. If neither side can’t see the person if front of them because of their past they need to consider healing before they hurt someone.  The narrative on pain doesn’t belong to just women nor men. Sistas we must fight the urge to lose principle because of the pain we’ve endured.

Teach Your Son.

ALL of our children are precious gifts from the Creator. They all deserve love, peace, protection, and rearing. They must all be taught respect, value, proper interaction with another human being, how to work through trauma in a productive way….and to keep THEIR ands to themselves. Let’s stop making this a one sided argument and keep the same level of expectation and standards for our beautiful little girls and boys so that they become the strength of a people together.

If She Doesn’t Hear You Walk Away.

Of course, you want to communicate in a manner that isn’t hard or off putting. You can even understand a bit of confusion as usually you are the support, but it shouldn’t cause a fight. You shouldn’t have to defend your character nor person. If you do realize you are in a one-sided relationship that doesn’t care to support you. It is hurtful and can add to what you are already facing. When the dust settles re-evaluate the nature of the relationship. Because if your sistah is not willing to hear what you need from her in a crisis you might need to walk away because one day she will be the crisis.

Honesty Can Protect Your Relationship.

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Don’t try to make carrying the weight of the world look effortless because you will be carrying it alone. Live your truth everyday and those meant to be a part of your support circle will hear you and help keep you going. Opening up will allow you to experience the reciprocity you long for while allowing others in your life to feel needed and valued by you. This degree of honesty is covering for a relationship.

You Don’t Need Permission to Parent Your Child.

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You are teaching them how to govern themselves properly in various different settings that is appropriate for the society we live in. Never allow someone to make you feel you need to meet their standard for parenting when they are not as invested in your baby as you are…no one will ever fight for your child the way you will. No, you aren’t perfect but do your best to parent in the best interest of your child unapologetically.

Come and Listen WITH Me.

Jodeci started with the best intentions in their song asking for a gorgeous woman to simply having a conversation to build to something greater.  I wonder what happens, however, after she comes and talks to him. Will he hear or will he listen?  Will he accept what she says even if he does not agree? Will he practice empathy?  Who knows.  If he does, he is one step closer to closing the gap between men and women that has plagued us for too long.

Are You Ready to Get Married.

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Preparation for marriage before there is a mate is something many are not taught. We come with a bad of experiences and things we’ve seen. It’s important to know where we stand regarding healing, money, family, children, and challenges before joining ourselves to another person. Hopefully, they will do the same.

Spiritual Strife Can Kill a Relationship.

In both situations this closeness builds trust and is a great part of a strong foundation. The opposite of this picture causes hurt, and scars because the foundation is faulty. This manner of strife is felt in every aspect of your relationship. If you are fortunate enough to see signs of spiritual strife before committing or marrying it would be wise to re-evaluate the nature of that relationship. You may find that things are not as compatible as they seem.

Being Momma is a Sacrifice of Love.

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When someone says that’s my mother, they are saying a mouthful. Motherhood is the hardest challenge many of us will embark upon, yet it is rewarding beyond measure. Never allow anyone to downplay who you are, and what you do for your children when you are giving it all you got. At the same time, we are learning on the job so allow others to help you. Talk to mothers you know that are getting things done if you need a few tips. It takes a team of mothers to pour into the life of one child. The love of a mother is deep, and it is wrapped in patience, compassion, selflessness, and sacrifice.

Sometimes You Can’t Save Your Sister Friend.

Sometimes you can’t save your sister friend even when you greatly want her to be in a better space. There will be those that won’t allow it, some spaces you don’t understand or have means, and others that will become draining for you. In every situation you can always pray and let her know you are in her corner cheering for her to win.

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