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7 Qualities to Seek in a Man.


1. Self-Control. While many follow doctrines that say man was created weak, we do have power over our actions. A powerful man takes full responsibility for his thoughts, his actions and his feelings. He keeps himself under his own control by being the supreme ruler over his genitals, his anger, his frustration and his inner reality. He is the essence of a man of honor! His actions are honorable and his speech is genuine. 

2. Drive to Succeed. Unstoppable he is! He may encounter many setbacks along the path to fulfilling his dreams yet his vision is never altered. He rolls with the punches and he has the strength to return a few blows of his own. He knows where he is going, he has a network around him that is supportive and goal-oriented and he remains on task at all times. This guy can not be swayed off his path!

3. Blatant Honesty. Not with the intent to hurt or offend, this guy is going to answer any question you ask honestly. In fact, if you don’t really want to know, you shouldn’t ask him. He’s going to let you know when that outfit doesn’t flow well with your frame, when you have something in your teeth and when you are playing victim in life. His advice is always authentic and he looks at things from a variety of perspectives. He knows the power of truth and he shares his truths wherever he goes. He is the face of authenticity and yes he does exist!

4. Self-Invested. He is fully invested in his physical, mental, sexual, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. He values his health, he values his strength and he spends his free time improving the quality of his life by increasing his knowledge base. He values his sexual energy and doesn’t easily give himself away to others. He knows his spiritual gifts and he makes full use of his talents. He’s a breath of fresh air and his presence is felt well before he enters the room. His skin has a glow, his spirit is vibrant and his words hold power.

5. Family Oriented. His family is first priority! Family for him isn’t limited to his significant other and his children, his family is all inclusive. He loves his mother and has a healthy relationship with her and her love for him is obvious. His family speaks highly of him and he spends much time with them. He takes pride in everyone from his parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and in-laws. He overstands the family village and works hard to maintain a healthy relationship with his family unit.

6. Community Centered. He’s a pillar of the community! The brothers smile when they see him coming because his vibe is amazing and he doesn’t beat them down with knowledge, he uses it to lift them up. The children run up to hug him and his gentleness is seen through his interaction with them. He always has something positive to share, he focuses on the good in people and pulls those qualities out of them. He looks to see what he can do to improve his community rather than telling others what they should be doing. His actions moves others to do better, to strive for more in life and he does this naturally.

7. Spiritually Solid. He knows what he believes in, he knows how God/Source/Spirit shows up in his life. He loves to speak on spirit and is very in tune with his own inner self. He knows that life doesn’t end after death and strives to excel as a spiritual being whose having a physical experience.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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