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The Big Butt Fascination.

(ThySistas.com) Why are we so fascinated with big butts? Better yet why are we so excited about big butts on white women? Big butts are not new to black women, but it seems since J Lo hit the scene it’s all the craze.

Years ago it was big boobs and now its big behinds. Women are now taking drastic measures to have butts like Kim Kardashian. Sadly some of these measures are life threatening, but that has not slowed down the surguries and butt injections that thousands of women are subjecting themselves to.

A new Moguldom Studios documentary called Bottom’s Up explores the America’s booty obsession. It also discusses the dangerous risks women are willing to take to get a big behind. “With an influx of new ‘it’ girls from Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, the images are inescapable,” the documentary’s description says. “Women have taken steps to achieve the impossible and often unreal.”

I can remember growing up as a teen in the 80s when having a round behind was embarrassing and a Nikki Majai booty was unheard of. Kim K and J Lo, who are they?

Also when I think of the big butt craze one question comes to mind. Why is a big butt on white women viewed as positive however many times seen as negative and demeaning on black women? Most importantly why is this even a topic of discussion?

Even as early as  believe it or not black women  and one in particular was put on display simply because of the build of her body. She went by the name Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman and she was known as the Venus Hottentot. Along with others she was exhibited in a freak show in 19th century Europe as a freakshow because of the sixe of her buttocks.

Today women with large behinds are somewhat looked upon as trophies. For hundreds of years there was a very negative stigma attached to black women and their full behinds.

Some black women believe the phenomenon is just a new craze in pop culture. What once was detested on black women is now praised by society and long as it’s the trending. But when the craze has faded away black women will still have what we were naturally endowed with from birth. Voluproous bodies, brains and beauty.

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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