Monday, January 17, 2022

Sex in the Black Community.

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( In my last article, Inside the World of Kink, I wrote about sex in an evolved manner. People who have grown tired of the standard missionary style sex and who longed to get their freak on through intellectual kink.

This time around, I’m discussing the vanilla side, and how blacks tend to exploit sex.

What used to be fun play for adults is now sex shaming and revenge porn, without the cameras.

During the black exploitation era of the 70’s, black men were seen as hypersexual pimps who found their power in breaking a woman down. Black women were seen as prostitutes or femme fatales who utilized their sexual prowess to get what they wanted.

Nowadays, the scenario is still the same…but in real life. A black woman loves to call herself and answer to ‘bad bitch. A black man sees his masculinity in being a player. Pimps and whores in the black community are glorified for ‘getting money’, but there’s never generational wealth to go along with that, only drug and sex addiction that’s passed down through the generations.

Sex shaming seems to go hand in hand with single parenthood. In the black matriarch mindset, wouldn’t it be funny if our homeboy gets a girl pregnant that we don’t like, then leave her to raise her kid alone? It seems to work for the black matriarch, who is hell bent on controlling the black community through sex and emotional impulses that it destroys the fabric of sex and family.

All that is dysfunctional is considered normal in black communities. As a teen, I remember talking to girls from New Orleans who told me that true womanhood is when you can take it from the backdoor (anal). The girls were 14 at best, so that means that pedophilia is considered normal, as black girls are considered ‘fast’, anyway.

Also as a teen, I witnessed a girl parenting twins at the age of 12, while the father of the twins was 21.

Black parenting also seemed to be perverse, as well. Some girls think that having an incestuous relationship with their fathers is what makes a great family structure, so some black women seek out those type of men for stability, and men seek out those willing women because ‘they know how to keep a man’.

The sex industry is a great place to find out how the world an the black community value black sexuality. Black women get paid much less than their white and non-black counterparts, while black men enable this behavior.

When I was a female dominant, I produced and directed my own intellectual kink alone, as to not be considered ‘one of the hoes’. Things changed once real hoes found me out (probably when I went as an exhibitor at the AVN) and I was no longer considered a Goddess, but a slut and whore. It was at that point that I put my writing talents to work, instead.

Black don’t value each other sexually, unless money is being exchanged with each other. This is considered a pimp/ho relationship. It seems pointless to play this game, as the whole industry sees black women as $2 whores and their men as guerilla pimps…who whore on the side.

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