Monday, February 20, 2017

3 Questions To Ask Yourself For Better Job Security.

Tweet ( Something that we can all agree on is that to have great job security is a good position to be in. In an ever-changing marketplace, and with jobs often being the fleeting things that they are, to know that you are safe in your current position is a real blessing to be acknowledged and […]

Cool Ways To Get To Know Your Family Better.

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Tweet ( ‘What, you think I don’t know my own family?’ The sad reality is that a lot of families are growing farther apart nowadays. Whereas in the past the family used to be a sacred bond, today it has morphed into something different. Different isn’t always bad, but in this case it might be affecting […]

How Technology Has Revolutionized Medicine.

Tweet ( The development of technology has had profound effects on every aspect of our lives, and healthcare certainly isn’t an exception. The emergence of new technology has led to breakthroughs in information gathering, research, treatment, and communication, and totally revolutionized the face of modern medicine. There are countless ways in which tech has changed the […]

Just A Few Of The Little Things: Handling Business Yourself.

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Tweet ( One of the big traits that you’ll find in most business owners is their need for independence. Entrepreneurs all have the drive to do things by themselves. And, hate the idea of working for someone else. So, why have someone else handle some of the biggest parts of your business? It’s surprising how much […]

Let’s Convert Some Customers With Your Office.

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Tweet ( When you’re trying to convert customers to your company your office can be your greatest tool and a powerful weapon. With the right office, you can immediately give customers a feel of what your business can offer them. Does it look stylish, is it well kitted out and just how many employees are on […]

AI In Women’s Healthcare: The Future Is Now.

Tweet ( Recent successes in artificial intelligence have got people thinking: what if AI could be used to help women recover from illness and live better lives? It might sound far-fetched, but thanks to companies like IBM, it’s fast becoming a reality. AI is able to read vast swathes of information online and in medical journals, […]

Working From Home With Kid: How.

February 10, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Working from home is hard enough on its own, never mind with kids running around the place. You need to find a way that works for you and clear the home of all negativity so that you can fully concentrate on the work at hand and impress your client or employer. Finding the balance […]

The ‘First Week At College’ Survival Guide.

Tweet ( Deciding to invest in your child’s future is a huge and important decision. You have to be very careful about the path you send your child down, as the kind of education they have can often shape the rest of their lives. For many parents and children alike, college is the next natural progression […]

Kids And Phones: Tips For Worried Moms.

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Tweet ( It’s common for kids as young as eight to now have a mobile phone. While it is a great safety tool, it does have a lot of negatives. After all, your child could easily be speaking to strangers without you knowing, and they then could end up in danger. Alongside their tablet and computer, […]

Faith Related Fun Activities For Children.

Tweet ( We all know that children have short attention spans. As a result, trying to teach religion in the conventional way doesn’t work. You have to make faith fun if you want your kids to get involved, which means doing away with the long sermons and encouraging games and creative methods. Here are a few […]

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