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Welded vs. Seamless Steel Pipe: What to Know.

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Tweet ( With the increase in complexity of industrial applications, available piping systems and products must evolve to keep up. While there is a wide array of pipe manufacturing methods used today, the most prominent discussion in the industry involves welded vs. seamless steel pipe. Both options have been used for decades, and over time, […]

How To Safety-Proof Your Online Business.

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Tweet ( If you run an online business, then you may think that because it’s online it automatically will be a lot less stressful and less expensive than running an offline one since you can basically just set it up from your computer and be on your way with running your business. However, as much […]

Three Things You Must Do Before Your Baby Is Born.

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Tweet ( It’s one of the most exciting, challenging and amazing things you can do in your life – but no one ever said becoming a mother wasn’t hard work. It’s about the biggest commitment you can make, and not one that should ever be entered into lightly. Life doesn’t end when you become a mother, […]

Common Age-Related Issues That Can Affect Young Sisters Too.

October 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Every woman knows that with time her body will change and maybe lose its shape, its firmness and some of its functions. You’ve seen elderly people, and you know that they are not as fit, strong and healthy as you are. But even though you may know the natural evolution of the body over […]

April Reading List for Uplifting Black Women.

Tweet ( Spring is finally here and this means that it is time to spring clean off the book shelf and get some new reads. You spring clean your home and your life now it’s time to feed the sole with some uplifting and encouraging words. It’s very difficult to find uplifting reads for Black women. […]

Essential Advice For If You Are Arrested.

December 13, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Nobody plans to be arrested, but you never know when something like this might happen to you. The truth is, it is a good idea to be as prepared as you possibly can be. Knowing what you should do and should not do if you are arrested will help you to relax slightly more […]

6 Tips for Raising Children in 2016.

Tweet ( We live in a different day and age. Babies are entering the world with advanced ways of thinking, children are starting businesses as young as 7 years old, teens envision themselves owning their own corporations yet the mindset of most adults is fixed on life remaining the same. Our youth are craving a […]

Three Keys to Understanding Men and Relationships.

Tweet ( Several years ago the findings of a study conducted by Rutgers University’s National Marriage Project revealed some interesting data regarding the attitudes of men on marriage and relationship. Men of different ethnicities, political stripes and socio-economic strains were asked pointed questions about their true feelings on the institution of marriage. Among other things, […]

Virgo Full Moon: On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Tweet ( Love & Prosperity! On Tuesday, March 22nd we will be reflecting, healing and planning under the energies of the Virgo Full Moon. Full moons are a time of wholeness and self-reflection. At this time of the month, we are full of the intentions set during the new moon giving way for the full moon […]

Let’s Truly Become Queens.

Tweet ( I love the idea of Sistahs being Queen. However, I must put emphasis on the word idea.  The problem that arises is we seem to have many misconceptions about the word, or title, Queen.  We must realize that in order to be respected as a “Queen” verses merely throwing the word around we […]

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