Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Maintaining Your Healthy Days As You Reach Old Age.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) The main worry many have as the natural effects of aging befall them is that their health will start to falter. It is indeed the way of life that our bodies become weary and prone to health issues the older they get, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to be accelerated. There are […]

5 Ways to Spice up the Bedroom.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Keeping a sexual relationship alive takes some work – that’s no secret. Be it lack of imagination, energy, time or just every day stuff – there’s always something that’s going to get in the way of what you’d want to do in the bedroom. It’s like with time you get comfortable with doing things […]

April Reading List for Uplifting Black Women.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Spring is finally here and this means that it is time to spring clean off the book shelf and get some new reads. You spring clean your home and your life now it’s time to feed the sole with some uplifting and encouraging words. It’s very difficult to find uplifting reads for Black women. […]

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Sunglasses.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) Sunglasses aren’t just an essential part of your summer wardrobe and style – they’re actually really important for the safety of your eyes too. Buying sunglasses shouldn’t just be about looking amazing, but it should be, in part, about protecting your eyes from the dangers of exposure to sunlight, and as an added bonus, […]

Five Things To Remember About Owning Your Own Home.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) Owning your own home is probably the biggest step into adulthood that you can take. It’s a huge decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, as it has huge financial ramifications and can tie you down to one area for a long time. Here are a few things that you must consider before you make […]

When Women of God Pray, Things Change.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) So let God work his will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. Quit dabbling in sin. Purify your inner life. Quit playing the field. Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out. The fun and […]

5 Tips for Raising Youth Leaders.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) I feel it is important and imperative that youth participate in at least one role of leadership during their formative years in order to learn the process and outcome of such an experience. Today, however, I am not speaking of youth being in leadership positions but rather being leaders in their day to day […]

Straightening Natural Hair: How to Make it Last.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) One of the great things about being natural is the versatility that comes along with it. You can go from curly to straight in no time and enjoy the great looks in between. While most naturals have few troubles with the curly part of maintaining their natural hair, that’s not always the case when […]

The 3 Luxury Ways To Treat Yourself.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) From time to time, we need to think outside the box in terms of treating ourselves. We all have ways and means of getting ourselves to a happier place, whether we need to spend money to do so or not. However, sometimes we come to a bit of a blank or we end up […]

Self-Care Guilt is Real.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) We are taught from a young age that as women we are to care for the needs of others. We watch our elders give family, church and community all they have until it pains them. Some of us grow up wanting to defy the social construct we grew up in because we don’t want […]

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