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Heal Yourself Emotionally.

(ThySistas.com) People tend to think that obtaining optimal health is purely a physical endeavor. To maintain good health, a holistic approach must be taken. Holistic health is relating to or concerned with the complete body, rather than with individual parts. Our body is made up of our physical, emotional and spiritual self. If we only focus on the physical aspect of our health, we neglect the emotional and spiritual.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of emotional health.

Every human must deal with human emotions. What some people fail to realize is that if we don’t heal our emotional wounds from childhood, we grow up to become adults with emotional issues. One example of this is child abuse: sexual, physical and emotional. If an adult grew up being abused, he or she will more than likely grow up to become an abuser of the same cloth as their abusers.

What happened is that a person forgot about unlearning those behaviors and training themselves to approach situations differently with their own children.  Therefore, the triggers that caused the adult to be abused as a child with be the same triggers that cause them to abuse their own. Some people call them generational curses, but I like to call them wounds that were never healed.

What were the pros and cons of growing up the way you did? As you parent your own children, do you see the same patterns from your style of parenting? How do you feel about this? Is it depressing or empowering? If it’s empowering, that could mean you were raised in a healthy fashion. If it’s depressing, then that’s when we should work out and heal those emotional wounds.

It can’t be stressed enough how imperative it is to undo unhealthy patterns for good emotional health. One way to heal, is to remove those words and phrases that were used towards you as a child. I couldn’t tell you how often I hear black mothers telling everyone that their infant/toddler is bad. How is it possible for a person so new to the world to be a bad person already?  Kids grow up thinking that it’s a compliment as often they are told that they are not good, so they look for people to enable bad behavior because their mothers taught them early that they were bad…with a smile on their face.

With physical abuse, the communication is not present to deal with issues in an assertive, non-violent manner. Wouldn’t it be great to break the cycle of physical abuse through proper communication? We all know we can’t beat up everyone that makes us emotionally upset, so why not try talking it out with your children, rather than fighting them like their enemies in the street?

Sexual abuse is a touchy, yet common form of abuse in the black community. This form of abuse deals with powerlessness and a lack of control in life. Some people come together with a need to feel in control, a need for security and a need for love…all of which they feel comes from sex. Children born into these households think love is an orgasm, love is relinquishing your sexual control, and that power is in sex. All of this is false. Love is kind and greater than an orgasm or submission.

As we grow up to be adults, we must realize that healing these wounds will make us greater individuals who can create whole children with healthy self-esteems…and essentially healing your own childhood wounds.

Here’s to good emotional health!

Staff Writer; Celeste Writer

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