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6 Tips for Raising Children in 2016.

(ThySistas.com) We live in a different day and age. Babies are entering the world with advanced ways of thinking, children are starting businesses as young as 7 years old, teens envision themselves owning their own corporations yet the mindset of most adults is fixed on life remaining the same.

Our youth are craving a different way of doing things. The old ways of going to old, getting a good job, a car, a house and retiring later in life is outdated. Youth have access to technology which has caused them to evolve at a much faster rate shifting the role of parenting as we know it.

Youth are no longer willingly and silently accepting oppressive parenting. When I say oppressive parenting, I mean parenting in a fashion where you have your child’s life mapped out disregarding their personality, desires and abilities. Oppressive parenting is living your life long dreams through your child or attempting to. Oppressive parents set rules for their children to follow, although they fail daily at following the same rules whether at work or at home.

I am not an advocate for allowing children to run wild and without a vision, I am an advocate for teaching youth about who they are, not from a historic standpoint but as an individual. I am an advocate for teaching children how to make sound decisions, a skill few adults have. I also advocate for teaching youth to find their voice young. A few ways of achieving such goals are:

  1. Teach them about powerful people. Share with your children stories of powerful people who made an impact in the world. These stories can be about people you know personally or admire. Youth must be taught that power lies within them, not something held over them.

  2. Allow them to challenge you. Youth who are allowed to challenge, not disrespect, their parents grow up to make wiser decisions and are better negotiators. Youth who are constantly told what to do and how to do it typically seek out others to help them make a decision. Debates should arise in your household! If everyone agrees with you all the time, someone is faking.

  3. Ask their opinions. Find out what your children are thinking without attempting to judge them or force them one way or another. Share experiences from your day with them and ask how they would have handled the situation. Ask their thoughts on current events as well as the thoughts of their friends. Young people talk! The problem is we struggle to listen.

  4. Give them room to make mistake. I have 34 years of experience growing up on Planet Earth and there is still so much more to learn and experience. Stop expecting someone with less experience than you to make better decisions than you. Stop making every wrong a big deal, you are going to make mistakes in life. Do not turn your child into one who strives so hard for perfection that they fail to accomplish anything.

  5. Teach them to confront their fears. Do not allow your child to quit anything solely out of fear. Share with them the importance of facing your fears throughout life and let them know everyone is working through something they fear. If possible, learn and participate in the activity with them but ensure they see it through til the end. This builds consistency, discipline and persistence early in life.

  6. Admit when you are wrong. Parents are not always right! As a parent, I make many mistakes. Life has and never will be about perfection. When you are open to admitting your mistakes, your child learns to trust honesty rather than seeing it as something that will later get them punished. Not every wrong requires punishment, you do not punish yourself for every wrong you do, honor your child’s process the same as you honor yours.

A young mind is an impressionable mind. They are eager to learn and to create. Give your children the opportunity to experience leading their life before you throw them out into the world.

Blessed Parenting.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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