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Each Lost Is Personal.

(ThySistas.com) The recent loss of life is heart breaking.  There are mothers, and fathers, mourning the loss of their children.  No matter how old our children are they will always be our babies, and age doesn’t change the pain.  As mothers we must find a way to see the grief of each mother as personal.  Our children are being reduced to hashtags, and only truly remembered by a few. The pain of a parent that loses a child will never go away; it is most unfortunate when that loss is at the hands of those that are to suppose to protect life.  Each life lost is personal because the next could be ours.  Sometimes we don’t understand the magnitude of a situation until it darkens our door step.  Every black women that is a mother gives birth to a child that can become a target by a society that has systems in place that does not acknowledge the humanity of our children.

As mothers we must continue to keep the spirit alive of every child lost, regardless of age, and the heart of the mother lifted.  We must rally together as a community of women to tend to our sisters in their time of lost.  Unfortunately, that means walking with them for the duration of their natural lives because child loss is not a scar that goes away.  The movement will have casualties, and we must acknowledge this wholeheartedly.  No one will understand the pain that is taking place, and threatening us all like another sistah. Loving one another, and seeing ourselves in each other will help keep us strong is our weakest hour.

These lives are more than hashtags, and it will take more than marches to help these mothers stand.  The natural order of life is we should bury our parents.  NO MOTHER should have to look down on her baby in a coffin…it is unnatural in every sense.  This does not excuse the loss, and pain that fathers feel when they face the loss of their children.  Their pain is profound and to be acknowledged.  With that being said there are times when we must speak to the needs of our likeness.  Just as there are men that will have to walk with our men through certain aspects of their pain that we can’t possibly understand…it is the same with us.

I have cried with, and for the mothers I see on television talking to reporters about the senseless loss of their child.  I look at my two year old son, and hold him extremely tight.  I can’t imagine his presence absent from my life.  Though he’s only been here for a short time…life would not be right if he were to pass from this earth.  When I see photos of these mother’s slain children I SEE MY SON.  It’s personal…mother to mother.  We must see our babies when we see the bloodshed, or our tears will last only a moment.

It seems as though we feel the pain and anger of life lost…then in an unreasonable amount of time we’re back to the latest sports, fashion or gossip.  As distraction takes place a mother is left to face the darkness of her loss without the army of her sistahs.  We must never forget our sisters who will continue to mourn in their own way. When their lost is our lost there will be no distractions.  When their child is our child the fight will continue until we see justice for OUR children.  As Mothers we must unite, and stay united. Each lost is our future, our legacy and it is personal.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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