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Five Reasons You Should Start Studying Another Language Now.

(ThySistas.com) Ever wanted to travel to a country, but you’ve been put off because you couldn’t speak the language? Don’t let that hold you back! Instead of thinking you can’t visit a destination because you don’t know the lingo, why not instead think you should start learning to speak it!

There are many beautiful countries out there waiting to be discovered! Choose one lined with sandy beaches, go for a cultural city break, or hike through scenic villages. Where will your language learning take you?! So, for example, don’t be put off from going to Spain because you can only speak English – start to Learn Spanish now!

If you still aren’t fully convinced about learning a language, here are our five favourite reasons why you should start.

  1. It’s good for your brain’s development

Learning languages will help your brain continue to develop well into your adulthood. People who can speak at least two languages are much better problem solvers and are also very perceptive to their surroundings. Once you start with this new skill, you’ll find that other skills you try will come much quicker to you. So when it comes to studying for anything, you’ll be in a better position if you have fabulous linguistic skills!

  1. Learning a language helps fight dementia

There have been a few studies that show language learning is a great aid in staving off dementia. The sooner you start learning, the better you’ll be equipped for old age. So to help your mind stay at the top of its game, open up all those grammar and vocab books you’ve meant to go through and start today.

  1. You’ll learn a lot about a country’s society, culture and history

How’s your German history? Or your knowledge of French culture? If your answer was along the lines of ‘non-existent’, then don’t worry! You can easily remedy it by learning the language! You’ll be exposing yourself to more cultures when you learn a language. And will, therefore, pick up tidbits of their culture and history.

  1. It’ll do wonders for your career

Another language is an extra skill to add to your resume! Employers will love your linguistic prowess, and you’ll see it opens up many new doors in your career. And, on average, bilingual and multilingual people will earn more money than monolinguals in most areas of industry. You could even use your new language as a starting block for moving into self-employment!

  1. Fit in with the locals

I previously hinted at this before, but, if you travel to a new country and know the language, then you’ll fit in much better with the locals. They will really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to learn their native tongue. You’ll find people will be more open to you, and will, as a result, feel much more integrated into the culture and society as you travel around.

All ready and raring to get stuck into your new language? We’re excited to see where it takes you.

Staff Writer; Ann Morgan

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